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Joining A Runescape 2 Clan

March 16th, 2011

A Runescape clan is group of players with common goals that regularly play together. Some only get together to compete in tournaments while other such as The Clan, BlackKnights, and Gladiatorz have been around for a long time and are know all throughout the Runescape world.

By joining a Runescape 2 clan instead of leveling solo you get benefits such as:

  • Learning RS2 leveling secrets and tricks from other players
  • Take the boredom out of skill training
  • Compete with and challenge each other
  • Have friends to hang out with in-game

One of the best places to look for a clan to join is at a Runescape forum. It’s important that you get to know the players that you go adventuring with and there you can build friendships and relationships with other likeminded people. You get to know people and make sure your compatible with them and that they are trustworthy.

If you are looking for an RS2 clan to join then this one may be just perfect for you: Runescape 2 clan. They are a close-knit community of gamers that is just getting starting with their clan and would love to get to know you and have you join them on their RS2 adventures. Who knows? You may soon be one of the most respected clans in RS2! 

Finally! A Working Runescape 2 Money Cheat

March 9th, 2011

This Runescape money cheat has been known for a couple years now but when prices dropped it became irrelevant. However, prices are back up again and it’s once again a working RS2 money cheat making you about 600K/per hour.

  1. The cheat involves scamming the Duke
  2. Find the Duke
  3. Ask him for a shield
  4. If you don’t have one in your bank or inventory, he’ll give you one
  5. Drop it
  6. Repeat steps 2-4
  7. Once you have a lot of them, pick them up
  8. Sell them
  9. Rinse and repeat

This is an easy Runecape money making cheat but doing the same thing again and again can get a bit boring which makes it a good job for a Runescape bot to do.

If you don’t want to bot your main RS2 character, simply make a new one. All you have to do to get to the shields is complete a couple of free quests. Once you get to the Duke active your Runescape bot and let it do the work for you!

RS2 Money Making Guide For Cooking

February 25th, 2011

Are you looking for some RS2 secrets to make money? With some skills it easy to make gold but with others it can be a bit more challenging. Here is a Runescape guide that will show you have to make money with cooking. Players have spent millions to get to level 99 with this skill.

With this guide you’ll be able to make about 300k-350k each hour.

You must be a level 68 cooking and have about 1 million gp. This guide is not hard to follow but it can get a bit tedious.

Required RS2 Items

  • Tuna
  • Baked potato
  • Cooked sweetcorn
  • Bowl
  • Pat of butter
  • Knife

Have you guessed yet what we are going to do with these items? To find out what to do next and how to turn this into a huge profit go here: RS2 cooking money making guide

Get RS2 Leveling Macros And Leveling Shortcuts

February 18th, 2011

The latest RS2 updates are a skiller’s dream with updates for crafting, prayer, and agility. With these updates you’ll be able to do things such as create permanent agility shortcuts, scatter demon ashes, and make urns that benefit other Runescape 2 skills.

RS2 Urn Crafting
It doesn’t matter what your Runescape crafting level is you’ll now be able to create urns for prayer, woodcutting, mining, smithing, fishing, and cooking at any pottery oven. The higher you’re crafting level the higher quality your urns will be.

For more about crafting and to become the best at it put some Runescape guides to use. Or you can even automate the skill by using a RS2 crafting bot.

Demon Ashes and Prayer Urns
Demon slayer’s demonic prey now has a 100% drop. These are impious ashes, accursed ashes, or infernal ashes. These ashes can be scattered for XP or you can keep them to use at the Ecotfuntus where they work as pre-ground bones which will save you some grinding.

If that alone doesn’t save you enough time, you can utilize Runescape macros and have it do the work for you!

RS2 Shortcuts
The River Lum canoe system is made available to F2P (free to play) members. You’ll be able to build canoes at certain points along the Lum and take a one-way trip into the Wilderness. The canoe tutors will even lend you a hatchet!

You can also use your construction skill to create hidey-holes at crossbow shortcuts and rope racks at eagle eyries/Baxtorian Falls. There will be stored crossbows/grapples and ropes so you won’t need to bring your own for this shortcut.

RS2 Quest Help: The Prisoner of Glouphrie

February 11th, 2011

A crumbling old letter was discovered in a dusty, disorganized storeroom, and that is where the adventure began. This simple letter lead to a mountainous trek to Lletya. Alongside a gnome adventurer you’ll be trekking a treacherous path that only one gnome has ever been on before.

That is not all though, you’ll also decrypting Yewnock’s most mystifying calibration device and you’ll get an exclusive insight into Arposandra life.

All of this awaits you if you choose to investigate the fate of The Prisoner of Glouphrie.

During this Runescape 2 quest you’ll encounter members of King Bolren’s family (they, along with other RS2 gnomes have been given a whole new look from the Makeover Mage). Also be sure not to miss your favorite gnome NpCs at the Tree Gnome Village and Battlefield, the Tree Gnome Stronghold, the glider pilots, and members of the 10th Squad on Ape Atoll.

Where to start the Prisoner of Glouphrie quest

  • Talk to Golrie in his cave below Tree Gnome Village


  • 61 Runecrafting
  • 62 Construction
  • 64 Agility
  • 64 Thieving
  • Path of Glouphrie
  • Roving Elves

Remember you never have to be alone on these dangerous missions. Runescape help from other experienced players is just a click away. You can find RS2 hints to steer you in the right direction should you ever find yourself stuck in a less than desirable situation.

Are You Looking For A RS2 Dungeoneering Bot?

February 4th, 2011

Dungeoneering is the latest skill to be introduced by Jagex. It is a relatively new RS2 skill so there are not as many resources available to help you with leveling as there are with some of the other skills.

However, slowly but surely RS2 bots, scripts, cheats, guides, and tricks are being created by members who have been quick to master the skill.

One such release has been a RS2 Dungeoneering script that will automatically trains/does the floors for you. The client that this script uses is Powerbot


  • Runescape Dungeoneering script download
  • Put the .jar into the ‘Precompiled Scripts’ folder
  • Click ‘Compile Script’
  • Open up the Powerbot client
  • The bot will be there ready for you to use.
  • Start it while standing outside the dungeon

This RS2 script will save you hours or even days of boring leveling by doing the newbie floors for you. You’ll be able to skip straight to the exciting parts of Dungeoneering!

Win Free Runescape 2 Money!

January 28th, 2011

Runescape has some exciting news for you! They are celebrating their 10th year this year. As their way of saying thank you to all the loyal members they’ll not only be hosting a series of celebrations starting this month but there will also be a $10,000 a month giveaway!

There will be 10 cash prizes. One winner will be drawn each month for the next 10 months.

RS2 Members
For each day in any given month that your RS2 account has membership credit, you will automatically be given one entry into the prize draw.

RS2 Free Members
If you are not a paying member you can still enter by sending a postcard. That will give you one entry into the draw.

It’s an exciting time for everyone in RS2 and a great time to join if you’re not yet a member. Not only do you have a shot at these prizes from Runescape but there are also forums you can visit for some pretty cool giveaways. 

Some forum giveaways include Free Runescape 2 Gold that is given to their members. There are also member hosting their own contests and giveaways such free accounts and gold, and also free RS2 powerleveling. Good Luck!

The Return Of Wildy And Free Trade: Come Prepared!

January 20th, 2011

Its official, The Wilderness and Free Trade Will Return! Runescape received a staggering 1.2 million votes with 91% of Runescapers voting to restore the good old days of Runescape.

Runescape officially made the announcement on Jan 17th that free trade and the Wilderness will be returned on Feb 1, 2011. That leaves us with 2 short weeks to prepare for the changes.

RS2 Wilderness

In preparation, RS2 will be releasing new Runescape guides, FAQ’s, and will offer expert advice about the updates to help you prepare you for these changes.

Are you ready for these updates? It’ll be up to you to level your RS2 account, get ready for battle, and gear up with the required equipment and items.

In addition to the official guides that RS2 will be releasing, there are also many expert players that have previously mastered the Wilderness and know how to get the most out of the free trade system. These players will be releasing more unconventional and detailed RS2 secrets, guides, and cheats to help you master the game

The Ultimate RS2 Merchanting Guide

January 13th, 2011

Many of us are eagerly anticipating the return of Free Trade and hopefully it’ll be arriving soon .While we’re waiting for these changes there are some pretty amazing RS2 guides available such as merchanting guides. They might be outdated soon so take advantage of them while you’re able.

This ultimate RS2 Merchanting Guide is created more for advanced and serious players. It is very detailed and includes illustrations and links. Because of a lack of space I’ll only be outlining the main points. If you wish to view the guide in full detail, please click the above link.

Part 1: Finding the Runespace 2 Item

  1. Getting there

    Go to the RS2 home page and navigate to the Grand Exchange. On the right where it shows recent price drops, click the More info button.

  2. Finding the RS2 Item

    View the list in search for cheap items with big price drops. Click the RS2 item and view the graphs.

  3. Graphs

    Click 30 Days or 180 Days to look at the graphs and the price rises and drops for the times. If a particular item has made a huge drop in price that typically means that there is only one way for the price to go from here and that is up.

This first part of the guide shows you how to identify good items to merch. Once you have found your item, continue with part two of the guide that will show you what to do with the items and turn you into a master merchant.

RS2 Gold Strategy: How To Easily Make 720k/Hour

January 6th, 2011

Are you looking for new and better ways to make money in Runescape? One good way to be successful in the game is to be connected with other members that are willing to exchange ideas and share their secrets with you.

If you don’t have a supportive community yet, then join a Runescape 2 forum. It’ll be one of the best moves you can make to quickly level you RS2 character since you’ll be surrounded by expert players that can pass their knowledge onto you.

One of the biggest challenges in the game is making enough RS2 Money. The following is a strategy that’ll show you how to make 720k per hour. I’ll only be sharing the main points, for the full guide and more details go here: RS2 Money Making Strategy: 720K per hour

Please remember that prices in RS2 are liable to change at any time


  • You’ll be buying stew from Seer’s village pub


  • RS2 membership
  • 11200 coins for 1 hour


  • Go to Seer’s village
  • Withdraw 540 coins from the bank
  • Walk to the pub just a few steps away
  • Talk to the barman at the pub to buy stew
  • Sell the stew for a profit